Associate of Business
Administration in
Global Logistics and Supply Chain

Programme Leader:
Mr. Ken HUI


Programme Induction:



Programme Intended Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of this programme, students will be able to:

  • Apply broad-based business knowledge and problem solving skills to a wide range of issues;
  • Apply the principles, knowledge and skills of logistics and supply chain management in academic and work situations to produce quality outputs;
  • Examine the major socio-political, cultural and economic issues affecting logistics and supply chain management in the local, national, regional and international contexts;
  • Apply generic skills like information technology, quantitative and analytical reasoning in a range of spheres;
  • Communicate efficiently in English as well as Chinese, both orally and in writing, in different business environments;
  • Relate the major ideas in arts and humanities, science and technology to their own area of study.

Further Studies Pathways

92.3% of surveyed graduates went on to further studies. The following table lists some of the degree programmes that accepted our graduates in recent years.


Career Prospects

  • Graduates from this programme will be able to find employment at the supervisory level in firms engaging in supply chain management, airport management, trade documentation handling and freight forwarding, etc.
  • For those engaged in employment, the average monthly salary is $21,000.

Main Subject Areas

  • Management
  • Business Logistics
  • Operations Management
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Information Management
  • IT for Supply Chain Management
  • E-Business and Logistics

General Education Courses

Four courses to be chosen from all of the following domains:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Science and Technology
  • Society and Organisations

Programme Specific Entrance Requirements

No programme-specific entrance requirement


Mode of Study

Two-year full-time


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